Sale & Purchase

Servicing our clients in this highly specialized field AqM has, through our international network, successfully brokered tanker, supply, crew boats, dry cargo and demolition ship sales. Covering core market segments, including but not limited to the following:

• Product and shuttle tankers
• General cargo and mini bulkers
• Tugs, supply and support vessels
• Crew boats and landing craft
• Demolition / recycling

In addition to the above sale and purchase activity, we work closely with our clients on projects and transactions involving the different aspects of AqM, offering increased synergies and added value to our clients.

Physical loss or damage insurance for all types of vessels to covering the extensive types of trading liabilities…

Covering all types of goods, commodities and merchandise for physical loss or damage…

Protecting assets, expenses and liabilities of the energy sector for clients involved in power generation and utility companies…

Insuring the hull against loss or damage, third party liability, personal accident, legal expenses…



We focus on our clients’ needs with the aim to
minimize risk. AqM will go beyond the usual
boundaries of the standard insurance broker;
we combine knowledge, flexibility and progressive
thinking to achieve transparency for our clients.


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77th Street, San Francisco, Bldg 26,
Panama City, Republic of Panama
Direct dial from Panama + 838 6053


For your information and convenience we have published a number of Insurance Clauses, and Proposal Forms for you to download to view or print.

AqM is Authorised and Regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) – 311727
Republica de Panama Superintendencia de Seguros Reaseguros ROC (Registration Number) – 002