Global Presence


Whilst AQM was originally based in London it now has a global presence with particular strength in Europe and Latin America.


AQM has an enviable reputation as one of the most innovative and dynamic insurance brokers in Latin America. Its rapidly growing portfolio of clients ranging from single vessel owners to multi- national fleets. With an office in Panama and a strong presence in Colombia AQM’s Latin America strength in now very much confirmed and its influence in this area is growing on a daily basis.


AQM continues to have considerable influence in the UK and European marine insurance market where it has traditionally performed strongly. With It’s main office in London located very close to Lloyd’s, it is at the cutting edge of the market place enabling it to stay ahead of the opposition and give outstanding service to it’s clients.


Theft of cargo from Port facility in Chile 

Shortage claim was immediately notified to Cargo Underwriters who appointed surveyors and carried out their inspection within 48 hours resulting in 10% of the goods being recovered. Read More >


Yacht grounding in Caribbean 

Loss of steering combined with heavy weather resulted in a yacht grounding.
Read More >


Catastrophic fire resulting in the vessel being a Constructive Total Loss

Vessel transited the Panama Canal when an uncontrollable fire broke out resulting in the crew abandoning ship. Read More >